Monday, July 4, 2011

Yuni Shara Sex With Rafi Ahmad

In Yuni Shara and Hendry Siahaan divorce Yuni Shara not ask Hendry Siahaan money for their child.Minola is represent Yuni Shara absent in the divorce accusation principal session. Hendry Siahaan is also not present, he send mail to court.In the mail, Hendry Siahaan declare to agree in the wife procedure of diforce. he is even also extradite thoroughly decision in court.
Yuni Shara not ask living for the children, also doesn't demand expressly right exercise brings up child. but follow Minola, because Yuni Shara-Hendry Siahaan two childs is still five year, fitting right brings up in mother.procedure of diforce principal session Yuni Shara in the husband goes on only around 10 minutes at space kresna religion court jakarta south. in session lawyer Yuni Shara submit the client accusation matter.


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